Science Fair Projects

This unit is an open-ended opportunity to create an investigation of your choice, once your proposal is accepted.

Past Project Review:
You need links to a range of projects done in that past that were of higher/deeper quality
  1. With a partner, choose any project you have done in your educational career. Identify the following:
  2. What need did it meet?
  3. How was it creative (as defined as an original idea that has value)?
  4. What were the science concepts that were present in the project?
  5. What technology was used in the project? What was the technology used for?
  6. What engineering (application of science and technology to perform a function) was present?
  7. What math, logic, or reasoning was presented throughout the project?

This is due by the end of the class period in your highest quality/effort level possible. Please include both partners names in the forum name.

What about showing a new, short video each week?

Ideas and Inspiration
Might borrow some from here:

My kids something from here in addition to their tool/topic assessment:

Proposals - my kids are using this format in Thinkering: