2009-2010 Challenge Map

Breakdown for Engage by Marking Period

1st Marking Period

2nd Marking Period

3rd Marking Period

4th Marking Period

Possible ideas?

Digital art project

5/6 Team Notes

Meeting Agendas

Riding the Edge
read & respond
setting a goal

Invention Convention
timeline: Feb. 1st - April 15th
begin - Feb. 1st
end - April 15th

To do:

Engage Olympics
timeline: 2 weeks
begin - Tuesday, June 1st
end - Wednesday, June 16th

To do:

2010-2011 Map
science topics?

see Riding the Edge - CBL

1. Solar system -
  • timeline
  • resources
  • photostory
  • add team glossaries to wikis
  • review wiki gardening
2. Review assessments from rotation - how'd things go?
3. Test probeware
4. Rolling On the River, global collaboration project (sci)


1. Discuss how rotations went. Wiki questions? Are the crickets all inventoried & put away properly for the spring.
What went well:
  • managing materials; don't need as many
  • roller coaster & crickets good for rotation model
  • renewable/non-renewable, energy conservation & electricity more difficult
  • kids enjoyed engaging activities at little cost
  • kids surfaced as leaders who haven't before
  • wikis worked very well
    • transparency
    • students able to use flexibly (Pauline's student - taking pic to model understanding & post it to wiki)
What needs to be tweaked:
  • too much information
    • sift and pull out needed/necessary information; make deeper, more meaningful; less is more
    • add templates to wiki for note-taking; data-recording; etc.
  • plan in process, application, reflection time
  • mind calendar dates when planning rotation (one team lost 3 consecutive
  • 1 teacher mans single rotation - students rotate T,W,Th to teacher of assigned rotation; M,F regroup, debrief with classroom teacher

If I could change one thing to strengthen experience for students next time...
- reduce paper load
- teacher access - could we post info digitally so they can have resources to draw from without needing to revisit with teacher?
- full afternoon classes = larger blocks of time
- breathing room; protected time for debrief, reflection with homeroom
- create online tutorials
  • Intro topics: rotation introductions; daily directions
  • List online resources with each rotation
  • Uploading videos to wiki, Moodle, etc. (atomic learning, bps wikis, ask another team)
  • Keep pushing team work
To Do:
  • inventory cricket kits; list replacement/repair supplies to Sara BEFORE Dec 14
  • Review assessment - see what they show

2. Review & Update Digital Storytelling Unit (Prepare all materials) What do we need?
Work to build personal story - what makes a good personal story
Students create rubric

Edit, proofread,

3. Laptop status? Do we have all the software we need. How many laptops are still working?
4. Solar system review.