3-4 Cricket Activities

Cricket Activities
Time Frame:
last quarter
Students will begin in expert groups, learning how to use Pico Cricket & software to output sound, light or motion
Students will then move to jigsaw groups of 4 - where there will be an expert in sound, light, motion & resistance.
  1. Overview of what Crickets are and the approach to design, building, programming, documenting, troubleshooting, iterating, sharing and reflection
  2. Expert Groups - divide students into expert groups (7 of each) for sound box, numeric display, multi-colored lights, and motor (3 class periods)
    • Each expert group will get either a design challenge or getting started recipe to learn how to program their output device
    • Students create a howto page including screenshots & photos that explain howto use/program their output
    • Students share their pages with the whole class
  3. Repeat process for experts in each of the four sensors (light, sound, touch, and resistance) - best to keep sound and light experts using the same input/output (skipped, seemed to be covered somewhat already in the Getting Started assignment above)
  4. Students move into jigsaw groups (they need an expert for each output and sensor) to complete 2-4 challenges (4 days)
  5. Themed Challenge (in the mode of FLL, WeDO soccer, habitat?)
  6. Create a new page for jigsaw group where they will document their process (see sample template)
  7. Create/add to a troubleshooting page when issues arise
  • documentation skills:
    • taking & saving screen shots (see resources below)
    • recording process
    • communication with text and non-text resources
    • designing HowTo tutorials
  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • higher order thinking skills
    • logical sequential thinking (programming)
Teamwork Rubric
Documentation - Did it improve in clarity over time?
Reflection - Are they making conecctions, thinking abstractly, or ...


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