5th & 6th Grade Guide to Math

Basic Skills Quizzes -
Do online once a week for practice score
Do a handwritten copy once a week and check at home (online answer key) and get parent signature ... Homework Grade
Give handwritten quiz once a month for quiz grade

Projects from back of book - scan into webpage
Problems, problems, problems packet - include a description of what a good response looks like. (Pauline)
Centers - Differentiate according to ability
Create "how to" lessons for website
Pre-Test - Online
Online games
Online problems.

Moodle -
Use a menu of prompts each week to respond to in moodle. Once a week .. Homework.

Mixed Quizzes - online, what needs to be added?
Pauline, notation (expanded, scientific, number and word, etc.), repeated factors,

Tammy and Erica talked about a problem of the week, beginning a few weeks into the year; kids can help create/find the problems.
Also, an "estimation" jar since the kids can use practice with estimation (we can vary the degree in which students are involved in the creation).