What is Engage?

Engage is a 3rd-8th grade project unique to BCS. Engage was conceived as BCS sought to reinvent itself to keep pace with the real-world skills that will be demanded of our students when they exit our system. The overarching goal of Engage was to engage students in problem-based and project-based activities that integrated elements of science, educational technology, technology education, and language arts as well as the four main elements of the enGauge 21st Century Skills: Digital Age Literacy, Inventive Thinking, Effective Communication, and High Productivity.

Open House Slides - 2008
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To learn more about Engage, please ask one of our teachers to tell you about our projects, skills, etc.

Project Based:
  • 4 main units/projects each year (16 by the time they leave BCS)
    • Current 5/6th Grade Scope & Sequence.doc
      • Science Olympiad Inspired Challenges
      • Building Big – Bridge Design
      • Digital Lab Reports
      • Flight
      • Building Big – Skyscrapers
      • Digital Storytelling
      • Invention Convention
      • Robotics – MIT Crickets
    • Current 7/8th Grade
      • ThinkQuest – Educational/Informative Web Site Design
      • Rube Goldberg Simple Machines
      • FIRST LEGO Robotics
      • (Re)Make Your World
      • Car Design
      • Future Cities
      • CSI
      • (Re)Make Your World

Main Technology Tools
  • Wikis
  • Moodle
  • Traditional Hardware Tools
  • Still Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Microscopes
  • Probes

Other Key Concepts
  • Learning from Failure
  • Persistence / Iteration
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication
  • Group Skills / Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Projects
  • Reflection
  • Meta-Cognition
  • Formative Evaluation
  • Process/Product
  • Students as Experts
  • Tinkering
  • Creating shareable artifacts

Resources to develop your own sense of Engage:

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